How does I GOT U ® work?

I GOT U ® is built up of two parts: a web application to create events, upload lists, manage guests and an iPad App to check-in guests.

Which devices are compatible with I GOT U ® App for iPad?

I GOT U ® App for iPad is compatible with iPad 2, the new iPad and iPad mini running iOS 6.1 or greater.

Do I need an internet connection?

I GOT U ® App for iPad runs only with an internet connection (3G/4G/LTE or WiFi).

How many events can I create?

You can create an unlimited number of events.

How many iPad can I use simultaneously?

You can use an unlimited number of iPad for each event. Each iPad will synchronize in real time with all the others during the event.

I created an event but I want to hide it on I GOT U ® App for iPad. What should I do?

Go to My Event Area on the web application, click on Actions button and select Hide on iPad.

What is the maximum number of guests for each list?

You can upload lists up to 10.000 guests. Obviously huge lists may reduce the performance of the application.

How many fields can contain my list?

6 customizable fields are available besides name, surname, notes, alert and n° of accompanying participants that are already included by default.

How many times can I upload/change my list?

You can upload an unlimited number of lists. Each time you upload a new list you can choose whether to modify the old one joining new guests or to replace the old list with a new one.

How many accompanying persons can I add for each guest?

You are allowed to manage a maximum of 10 accompanying persons for each guest.

Which are the differences between Manager profile and Assistant profile?

With I GOT U App for iPad you can use Manager profile or Assistant profile. Both profiles allow you to check in guests, change guests details and review the event statistics. The Manager profile on top allows you to add new guests.

How does I GOT U ® pricing work?

I GOT U ® works on a pay per click bases. You pay only for checked-in guests despite the total number of guests you upload. It charges you 1 "check-in" every time you check-in one guest by tapping on the icon.

How can I try I GOT U ® for free?

You can use the Demo Event already present in I GOT U ® App for iPad. You won't be charged when you check-in guests on this list.
In addition your free account includes 50 check-ins free usable for a new event created by you.

What should I do to start using I GOT U ®?

Your account includes 50 check-ins free. You can buy the number of check-ins you need by choosing the package you prefer.
You can base you choice on the expected number of guests attending your next event or buy a higher amount: check-ins are usable on different events.

What happens when I have exhausted my check-ins?

When you are about to finish the number of check-ins you bought, you will be notified by email and with a message on I GOT U ® App for iPad. You can buy more check-ins in My Check-ins Area on the web application from anywhere, anytime.
In My Check-ins Area you can always monitor details about your total, used and remaning check-ins.

Does my account expire?

No, your account doesn't have expiration date.